Maine Technology Consultants, LLC is a Technology Support and Consulting company providing services to Eastern Maine.

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While many technology consulting firms dedicate their focus to corporate customers, MTC 's focus is on providing the same level of expertise and quality of service to home users and small businesses at a affordable hourly rate.

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During the last decade the desktop computer has transceded it's orginal status as a expensive hobby or a tool for high tech businesses to become a critical system in almost every household and business
As with any critical household system or appliance, occasionally professionals are needed to provide repair, maintenance and consultation services. Our goal is to be your best choice for support.

Our Present Service offerings include:

  • Website Repair
  • Virus/ Disaster Recovery
  • Computer Security
  • Home/Small Business Networking
  • Hardware Repair/Upgrades
  • Apple and PC Training and Support
  • Pre-Purchase Consultation Services
  • Software Installation/Configuration
  • A/V Home Theatre Integration