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frequencies - Rebecca C. Adams

Rebecca C. Adams

(b.1982 Bogota, Colombia, lives/works Washington, D.C.)
Graduated from Smith College with a B.A. in Fine Art and a Minor in Music, and studied at the Rhode Island School of Design (RISD) for a year in the sculpture department.

The electroacoustic experience drives my video work, which engages with themes of struggle and relief, futility, anxiety, consequence, corporeal duality and transformation, ritual, repetition, and origin. The imagery retains an aura of fantasy and portraiture, and invokes an awareness of unity between environment and individual.

Electronic and electroacoustic music pieces utilize elements of formal composition to explore noise, silence, and ambience through traditional instruments of electronic and computer music (turntable, ARP), field recordings, found sounds, and samples.

The sound employed in my three-dimensional work explores bioacoustics, as well as the social and cultural functions of sound and noise while recording and playback techniques elicit modes of self-referentiality and liveness. The interactive installation Instinct (2005) is a trio of sculptures that explore the sonic characteristics (pitch, timbre, amplitude) of scale, texture, form, color, and material. Musth, Feedback, and National Proximity Rot ncreate a sonic territory within the space, while methods of electronics and robotics  investigate the aesthetical distinctions between living, lifelike, dead, and synthetic